22000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter Power Bank Car Booster Charger 12V Starting Device Petrol Diesel Car Emergency Booster

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  • Peak Current: 600 A
  • Fast Charge: None
  • Special Features: Lighting,warning light
  • Conversion Rate: 60%~70%
  • Battery Capacity(mAh): 18000-20000
  • External Testing Certification: ce
  • Number Of Built-in Batteries: 4
  • Brand Name: EAFC
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Battery Capacity: 22000mAh


Please pay attention to this note:

1. Please charge after receive jump starter.
2. Charge every 3 months, low power may fail start.
3. Charge phone tablet only occasionally. efficiency is about 50%.

4. The charge speed or discharge speed will be fast during the last 15% power of the jump starter.
Please do not worry about these problems. This is the characteristic of high-rate lithium batteries, and it will not affect product quality and normal use.


Battery Capacity :22000 mAh

Peak Current :1200A

Starting Current :600A

Car Jump Start Output :12V

USB Output 5V/2A

Gas Engine Rating :Up to 6.0L

Operating Temperature :-20℃-60℃

Diesel and steam double start strong power

6.0L gasoline car: Support 12V/6.0 displacement and below

The charging head of the product is European Plug.

Why it’s necessary to get a jump starter?

1. Long standby time run out battery;

2. Make preparation for a long driving trip;

3. Your car can’t start due to low power or freezing winter.


The red clip and the black clip need to be connected correctly,incorrect connection maybe cause an explosion:
Connect the red clip to the positive poles of the car battery+
Connect the black clip to the negative poles of the car battery-

Details Page:
Start Large Displacement Vehicle
Low Temperature Startup

Strong output
22000 mAh large capacity
Battery Capacity :22000 mAh

Automobile prototype
Design concept

The design is inspired by the design of car prototypes, providing safe driving and escort for every car owner who owns this product.

Diesel Gasoline Dual Start Strong Start

Gasoline vehicle
Diesel engined car

Just four steps to start the car

1. Insert the clip into the power port to ensure sufficient power

2. Connect the red clip to the positive electrode of the car battery+
Connect the negative electrode of the car battery with a black clip-

3. Return to the car and start the car

4. Remove the clip after starting the vehicle (recommended to be removed within 30 seconds)

Warm reminder: In order for your car to start successfully, please ensure that the starting power is sufficient!

Rescue lighting
LED/SOS emergency light
Night lighting:
Constant light mode
48 hours
Press and hold the ON key for 3 seconds
Burst mode:
High frequency flash mode
High-frequency flash
Turning on the flashlight
Press the switch again to flash
SOS rescue:
3 short and 3 long flashing modes
48 hours
Press the switch again in burst mode
Can be switched to SOS mode

Upgrade Protection
Safer and more secure to use
Safe and efficient use of high-quality electrical cores
– short circuit protection – overcharge protection
Constant current protection – voltage stabilizing protection – over discharge protection
Temperature protection – magnetic field protection – polymer lithium battery

Low temperature startup
Fearless of severe cold
Excellent adaptability
Dual USB interface
Fast phone charging

Support mobile phone fast charging+SOS rescue
Product parameters
Key functionsCar start DO port
Intelligent display screen
power switch
LED light switchFloodlight
5V/2A charging input port
USB output port



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