Professional Snorkeling Diving Mask Underwater Scuba Full Face Snorkel Mask Anti Fog Goggles for Kids Adult Swimming Equipment

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Dive into the underwater world with our Professional Snorkeling Diving Mask. Designed for both kids and adults, this full-face snorkel mask provides a panoramic view, allowing you to explore the beauty beneath the surface with clarity and comfort. The anti-fog goggles ensure crystal-clear vision, while the secure seal prevents water from entering, providing a hassle-free and enjoyable snorkeling experience.

Crafted for professionals and beginners alike, this scuba mask offers ease of breathing through a dry-top snorkel system, eliminating the need for a separate mouthpiece. The innovative design enhances airflow, reducing CO2 buildup for extended underwater adventures. The adjustable straps ensure a custom fit, making it suitable for a wide range of face shapes and sizes.

Make a splash with confidence using our Professional Snorkeling Diving Mask – the perfect swimming equipment for enthusiasts of all ages.


  • Model Number: diving mask
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Function 1: diving mask
  • Function 2: diving
  • Function 3: buceo
  • Function 4: snorkel
  • Function 5: mergulho
  • Function 6: mascara de mergulho
  • Function 7: snorkel de mergulho
  • Function 8: snorkeling mask
  • Function 9: snorkeling
  • Function 10: cressi
  • Function 11: Fishing
  • Function 12: Mask
  • Function 13: flipper zero
  • Function 14: Face mask
  • Function 15: swim
  • Function 16: mascara de buceo
  • Function 17: diving equipment
  • Function 18: swimming
  • Dropshipping: Support
How to choose the size? 

Firstly, Measure the length from the Eye to Chin.
If the length is 8.5-10 cm (3.35-3.94inch or less) , it’s suitable for children .
If the length is 10-12 cm (3.94-4.72inch) ,it’s suitable for Teenager .
If the length equal with or over 12 cm,it’s suitable for Adult .

1. 180° Full Face Design: Different from other traditional snorkeling goggles, our face protector can provide you with wider vision, thus opening up a whole new world of underwater adventure.
2. Breathe freely and safely: Its full face design allows you to breathe comfortably through your nose and mouth while diving. Using advanced leak-proof technology, this can maximize safety and ensure that you inhale fresh air every time you breathe.
3. Anti-fog and anti-leakage: Independent inhalation and exhalation channels can prevent the mask from fogging. In addition, it has anti-fog coating on the lens and anti-fog insert; in addition, its advanced leak-proof silicone sealing technology (With float) can prevent water from entering the mask.
4. Comfortable to Wear: This adult diving face protector is made of hard polycarbonate, non-toxic and odorless; it is wrapped with soft and thick imported medical liquid silicone + elastic elastic band, which can ensure your safety and will not hurt your head for a long time; Breathe freely, no need to grasp the breathing tube with your mouth and chin.
5. Beginner-friendly gifts: Our masks are easier to use than traditional diving masks, and are more friendly to beginners and young people, making them perfect gifts for friends and family. Enjoy an unforgettable vacation with this sports snorkeling mask.

Shell material: polycarbonate (PC)
Inner shell material: imported medical liquid silicone + elastic elastic band
Color: blue,  black, green, pink
children smaller size(XS Size): inner diameter 11*12CM ,outer diameter 14.5*17CM
adult small size (S/M Size): inner diameter 17*13CM, outer diameter 23*19CM
adult large size (L/XL Size): inner diameter 19*13CM, outer diameter 23*19CM

Packing Contents:
1 Pc x Diving mask + 2 Pcs x Earplugs


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 10 in




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