Cox’s Bazar

Cox’s Bazar is the prime beach and tourist town in Bangladesh, situated alongside the beach of the Bay of Bengal, beside the Indian ocean, having unbroken 120 Kilometer golden sand beach, reachable through motor transport alongside the wavy water . This town is situated in the Chittagong Division in south-eastern Bangladesh, beside ‘Myanmar (Burma)’

What to see:

Himchari: It is about 32 km south of Cox’s Bazar along the beach, a nice place for a picnic and photo-shooting. The famous “Broken Hills” and waterfalls here are rare sights.

Akij Wild Life Firm Limited: Brackish water crocodile giving egg in the high mountain. Lots of People are gathering there to see the crocodile’s play. In the Remote hill district of Bandarban ‘Naiksyanchari’ on the mountains ghumdhum  built a crocodile breeding centre in the 25 acres of land named Akij Wild Life Firm Limited”.

Inani Beach: It is about 32 km south of Cox’s Bazar and just on the beach, with the sea to the west and a background of steep hills to the east. Inani casts a magic spell on those who step into that dreamland. It is only half an hour’s drive from Cox’s Bazar and an ideal place for sea-bathing and a picnic.

What to do:

  • Take a half day trip  to Teknaf: Southernmost tip of Bangladesh, Teknaf situated on the Naaf river and just at the end of the hilly regions of the district. Myanmar is on the opposite bank of Naaf river. Wild animals and birds are available but the most interesting thing is a journey on the river. Wide sandy beach in the backdrop of high hills with green forests is an enchanting scene never to be forgotten.
  • Take a day trip or overnight stay trip at Saint Martin Island: St Martin’s is a tropical clichĂ© and the only coral island in Bangladesh, with beaches fringed with coconut palms and laid-back locals.
  • Take a half day trip to Maheskhali: An island off the coast of Cox’s Bazar. It has an area of 268 square kilometers. Through the centre of the island and along the eastern coast line rises a range of low hills, 300 feet high; but the coast to the west and north is a low-lying treat, fringed by mangrove jungle. In the hills on the coast is built the shrine of Adinath, dedicated to Shiva. By its side on the same hill is a Buddhist Pagoda.

Where to Eat:

There are hundreds of restaurants all around Coxs Bazar. You will also find KFC and Pizza Hut there. Among the old Jhawban Restaurant and Poushee Restaurant are very famous. They serve curry and sea food. Among new Mermaid Café, Handi, Prasad Paradise bar b q etc are very popular.

Where to shop:

There are lots of shops in the Hotel Motel Zone catering to Bangladeshi & foreign tourists. Things made of sea shells are very popular and also sold by vendors beside the beach, but one may think twice about encouraging the earnings of local poor as against such a non-eco friendly practice. You can also check out the Burmese Market, but don’t expect a lot of handicrafts. The traditional Burmese dresses and fabrics are definitely interesting. Besides that, you will find some stores which sell pearl jewelry. You can also try some local beauty products (sandal wood based), hand woven textile and bed sheets among many other things.The best buy may be the local Dry fish produce,which comparability cheap in price

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